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15 march 2017
2 november 2016

SeQso B.V.

Tweelingenlaan 63
7324 BK Apeldoorn
The Netherlands
Tel: 0031-(0)55-578 5080
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SeQso is a leading Dutch high-tech company; innovative in patented seed sorting machines and seed analysis instruments.

The iXeed Vision Seed Sorter is one of the products of the SeQso-family

Dedicated vision analysis and smart mechanical solutions are the basis of the iXeed Sorters.

The Seed Sorter Concept

The best sorting of seed was always done by man. No seed cleaning or calibrating technique could outperform the visual interpretation of trained operators.
The iXeed Sorters of the SeQso-family have made a change to that. They were developed to implement specialist's visual interpretation onto a machine that performs on a production scale.

It can work for you 24/7, also without supervision.

Successful introduction of iXeed Precision Sowing Machine on 'SMT' 2016

With great interest among visitors we introduced the iXeed Precision Sowing Machine at the 3rd edition of 'Seed Meets Technology'.


The iXeed CF Compact Sorter was present at our stand, together with the iXeed CF Analyser Mobile.                                                                                                                                                           

Both machines were being used for demo's all day long on various crops of customers.

During this last week in September, the event was very well visited by delegates from all over the world.


Thank you very much for visiting us at the SMT 2016.

The SeQso team



Launch of iXeed CF Compact Sorter

A new member of the iXeed Family has emerged: the iXeed CF Compact Sorter. A small footprint machine for seed analysing- and sorting with a speed of approximately 20 seeds/second.