The Flex Sorter family is a range of advanced sorting machines. These machines can be custom-configured to meet specific demands on functionality and capacity.


Major features:

  • Multiple imaging stations
    • High-resolution RGB (default)
    • X-Ray (optional)
    • Chlorophyll fluorescence (optional)
    • Hyperspectral NIR (950nm .. 1650nm)
  • Wide range of crops (from celery to squash)
  • Capacity from 10 seeds/sec ... 75 seeds/sec (more on request)
  • Very accurate blow-off mechanism. < 1% at 50%/50% separation
  • Sorting recipes based on
    • AI engine (see below)
    • Classical parameters (color, shape, etc)
  • Smart adaptive feeder, for controlled seed separation
  • Optional real-time blow-off error monitoring
  • Optional 1-1 sowing unit. For sowing seeds for growing trials (see below)



The AI engine is used to discriminate a seed into the "accept" or the "reject" category.

The AI engine requires a sorting recipe, called the "trained model". Models can be loaded in ONNX format. These models can be created as follows:

  • Using the DC-DL software application of SeQso
  • Using your own or 3rd party software for training Deep learning models

If the sorting machine has multiple imaging stations, the AI engine can use all images of a seed to make the decision.



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