iXeed DataCollector

The measurement of seeds with multiple measurement devices. Capture and analyse big data of seeds.

DataCollector                                      DataCollector - data screen


The DataCollector is a versatible seed measurement & analysis platform. The hardware comprises a seed feeder to separate and dose seeds, multiple measurement modules to characterize the seeds and optionally a sowing device. The sowing device can be used to sow the seeds in micro-titer plates or custom sowing trays/seed carriers.

All seeds are measured and tracked individually, resulting in a large dataset for each single seed. In case of a sowing device, the data of each seed is linked to the sowing coordinate. This provides the opportunity to link germination data or traits of the resulting seedling to the measurememnt data of the originating seed.



  • Modular system
  • Multiple measurement modules
  • Several sowing options
  • Big data analysis tools
  • > 1000 seeds/hour

All seeds ranging in size from approximately 1mm .. 20mm

Module options:

The DataCollector platform consists of a base frame with conveyor, seed feeder and control/data collection unit. To this platform, several different modules can be added to obtain the desired functionality. Data export is based on CSV formatted data and accompagnioning images if standard TIF/BMP format.

Standard modules:

  • Color imaging: providing color, shape (20+ parameters) and texture data
  • X-Ray imaging: providing X-Ray absorption (filling degree) and internal morphology data
  • Chlorophyll fluorescene imaging (CF)
  • Hyperspectral imaging VNIR (400nm .. 1000nm in app. 300 bands)
  • Micro-titer sowing stage: Sowing in 24, 48 or 96 wells micro-titer plates

New modules to be released soon:

  • Hyperspectral imaging NIR(950nm .. 1700nm in app. 300 bands)
  • Anthocyanide fluorescence
  • Green fluorescence protein imaging (GFP)

Data analysis software modules:

For labeling the seeds with germination or other data like specific traits of the seedlings, the DataCollector produces Excel sheets for importing and linking this data.

  • Multi-tool suite (based on classical pattern recognition)
  • SVM (support vector machine) pattern recognition
  • Sorting recipe generation (to use the DataCollector as sorting machine)
  • Deep-learning based analysis (in development)

For custom designed modules or sowing options, please contact us: ...contact