iXeed CF Analyzers

To measure the maturity of seeds on base of chlorophyll content. 

For many crops, the chlorophyll content is a measure for the maturity of the seeds. During ripening of the seeds many plants retract or break down the chlorophyll in the seeds. This yields in a correlation between chlorophyll concentration and maturity. It does not hold for every crop and there differences in the correlation even between varieties.

The chlorophyll content of seeds is determined using chlorophyll fluorescence (CF). The emission of this fluorescence is a measure for the chlorophyll content, but also differs for various seed characteristics such as moisture content, thickness of testa etc.

Nevertheless CF measurements have proven to valuable in determing seed maturity and as derivatives shelff life, vigor, uniformity and germination.

Application areas:
The two main application areas are:

  1. Determining the harvest moment for a seed production. For this application SeQso has develop the CFA-200.
  2. Determining single seed CF levels for a seed lot. It is used to get more information about the relation of CF for vigor, uniformity and germination. And to determine the performance of CF sorting on a particular seed lot. For this application SeQso has develop the CFA-300.

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