iXeed CFA-300 (CF-Analyzer)

The CFA-300 is a CF-analyzer instrument for measuring the CF level distribution of single seeds.

It is typically used forgeneral research, to asses the maturity / quality of a seed lot. As well as determine sorting threshold for CF seed sorters.


  • Rapid assessment (<3 seconds) and easy to use.
  • Using structured trays to analyze 40 .. 200 seeds measurement.
  • Automatic consolidation of multiple measurements, to measure thousands of single seeds within minutes.
  • High sensitivity, using 12-bit camera technology.
  • Export of data in Excel format..
  • Software as Windows 10 / 64 bit application.
  • Different trays for various crops and seed sizes available.
  • Optional RGB camera for color pictures of seeds.
  • Optional laptop with software pre-installed.

Screenshot of software (CF image and real picture of seeds on the right):

CFA300 screenshot   seeds in tray


The instrument setup:

CFA300 instrument setup

Download the CFA300 leaflet