Sowing machine for Q/C (Germination testing)

Germination testing is for many seed companies and laboratories an important operation. Key to germiantion testing is accuracy and hence accurate sowing.

The iXeed Flex Sowing technology pairs accuracy with flexability and speed. Faster as robotics can do and much more accurate compared to traditional solutions like drum or needle sowers.

Example machines:

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Full Q/C sowing line

Sowing line for fully automatic multiple seed lot sowing, capacity 120 trays (120 cells) / hour.

Containing the following modules: 

  • Dual head precision sower
  • Post inspection camera system
  • Sample feeder with carousel with 20 seed lots
  • Tray destacker
  • Pre and post tray moistening
  • Vermiculite dispenser
  • Cart loader
  • Label printer
  • RFID / label tracking

Overview line

Overview entire swoing line

Sowing head

Overview without buffers and cart loading


Carousel with seed lots loaded

Sowing in progress

Sowing of tray in progress

Result of sowing

Result after sowing

Small sowing line for Q/C

Fully automatic sowing line for small number of seed lots  / go.

Capacity 60 trays (240 cells) /hour.

Containing following modules:

  • Single head precision sower
  • Sample feeder with carousel with 10 seed lots
  • Tray destacker
  • Pre moistening
  • Vermiculite dispenser
  • Tray stacker
  • barcode label tracking


Overview machine

Sown tray

Tray being sown

Carousel sower

Sample feeder with 10 cup carousel

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