Sowing technology

SeQso has developed a new patented technology for precision sowing of raw and palleted seeds.


Unique features

  • High precision (typically > 99%)
  • Difficult to sow species (naked seeds)
    • For example: Targetes, Verbena, rootstock tomato
  • Sowing complete seed lots (no seeds left over)
  • Faster as robotic sowers
  • Automatic and fast turn-over in species (only software parameters)
  • Sowing multiple varieties in a single tray (breeding)
  • Multiple seeds / cel
  • Sowing patterns (checkerboard, empty rows etc)
  • Picture and location of each seed
  • Integration in ERP systems
  • Left over seeds are returned in original cup/bin

SeQso sowing technology can work with all kinds of substrates like soil trays, ellerpots, rockwool plugs, tape or towel.

Sowing lines

Sowing machine lines are usually custom build, based on standardized/configurable modules. SeQso can deliver most modules, but also cooperates with other machine vendors to make every desired configuration.

Types of modules

  • Sowing heads
  • Sample feeders
  • Stacking/destacking of trays
  • Moistening
  • Vermiculite / soil  / sand dispensers
  • Track and tracing solutions (barcode labeling, RFID etc)


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